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Attestation services

In addition to auditing, we also offer other attestation services.

In particular we offer:

  • test plans, merger, division and transformation of companies,
  • audit of the founders of the joint stock company,
  • audit of joint-stock company's board made ​​in connection with the intention of acquiring property by a company from the founder or a shareholder or the ordinary share capital increase,
  • examination of the balance sheet and profit and loss account in relation to a joint stock company with share capital increase from company funds,

We offer services covering a comprehensive Due diligence and stretches the verification entity to purchase or acquisition. Services due diligence, we offer those of you who:

  • Plan to make acquisitions (acquisition, purchase) of another entity (preacquisition due diligence) or
  • Made the acquisition (post acquisition due diligence)
  • Plan to sell assets, or preparing units for sale (vendor's due diligence) and provide complete information to potential investors

Due diligence may involve aspects of: financial and accounting, legal, fiscal, strategic, or any combination

We offer comprehensive services related to mergers and acquisitions. The detailed scope of services depends on the nature of the transaction and customer preferences.